Welcome to the new on-line Small Business Directory for Footscray West Primary School. This is the the second edition of the directory where you can find a range of services to cater to your health, retail, legal, foodie needs, and much more, right here in the west! Take a moment out of your day to see how we can help you out, and in return you will be supporting parents at the school and our local economy.


 Community & Health
 Adrian Barker ~ Counsellor
Geraldine Brooks ~ Podiatrist

Monique Camilleri ~ Naturopath
Graham Campbell ~  Martial Arts
Kim Cao ~ Veterinarian
Celine Conrad ~ Midwife

Meg Donne ~ Connector Bugs ~Masseur
Daniel di Giorgio ~ Footscray Fitness Club
Helen Rodd ~ Hot House Projects

Kanwal & Angpal Singh ~ Childcare Centre
Soccer Club ~ Yarraville
West Footscray Neighbourhood House


Design, Editing & Music
Anna Bourozikas ~ Writer & Editor

Sarah Liversidge ~ Recording Studio
Helen Muscat ~ Colour Consultant
Helens ad LAST

  Food & Retail
Virginia Annese ~ Lingerie
Phil Greenwood ~ Edison Lighting
Miranda Jones ~ Catering

Mary Long ~ Post Industrial Design ~ Giftshop
Suzanne Mosca ~ Kitchen Appliance Thermomix
Kate Phelan ~ Vintage Clothing
Vanessa and Mark Walton ~ Jelly Bread Cafe 

petrina 3
Trades & Travel
Peter Burton ~ Love to Travel
Andy & Karen Moutray ~ Read ~ Rental Property

Andrew Parsons ~ Fencer
beach fence 3
Legal & Accountancy 
Peter Renwick ~ Lawyer
Duncan Warnock ~ Accountant


I would like to thank the Footscray Historical Society for the use
of their images